A re rapeleng

[Let’s pray]

Dear Prayer friends

“The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.”

James 5:16

Here are some of  our praise items and prayer requests:

National Office:

  • Honour Jesus for faithful staff and volunteers working in YfCB. Intercede for us to have a deep relationship with the Almighty One and for good health for staff and volunteers, also for more full time staff and volunteers in the different departments of YfCB.

  • Worship our Father for His lovely hand of protection upon all of us, on YfC properties and equipment.  Keep on praying for the protection of these mentioned.

  • Admire the Everlasting King for the open doors we have in proclaiming the Gospel. Ask the Holy Spirit to give us creative ideas and many openings to reach the young people of this country and that the youth will implement what they’ve heard already from us.

  • We are grateful for active and committed National Board members. Intercede for the Board for guidance as they help us in ministry and that they will experience God’s grace abundantly.

  • Praise the Lord for every supporter/donor of YfCB. Go on praying that His favour will rest upon them, also for the provision of YfCB’s entire ministry and ask for more prayer supporters who will stand in the gap with us and for us.

  • Appreciate our Provider for the vehicles we have for ministry. Ask Him to make us good stewards to these and keep on praying for travelling mercies as we do a lot of travelling in and outside Botswana.

  • Entrust our need for more full time staff members unto the Father especially a handy man, a secretary and a financial person.

Tapologo Day Care Centre [TDCC]:

  • Honour the Father for good working relations between the partners [YFCB & AFM church in Mochudi], teachers and guardians. Keep on praying that this will continue and that we will work nicely together with the Social Department.

  • We are thankful for all our educational resources. Trust Jesus for enough finances to run the Centre effectively.

  • Thank the Lord for every child attending the school and for their good health. Ask Him to help them to understand our teachings and that they will accept God’s way in their lives.

  • Admire God for faithful staff working at the centre. Pray that they will help the children in their pre-school education.

  • Praise Jesus for the parents and guardians taking care of the children. Intercede for them to do their very best in loving the children and provide for them.

Children’s ministry:

  • Lift on high our Saviour for many children attending the Kids Clubs and those who are being disciple through the Follow-up Bible studies. Pray for spiritual growth as they are hearing the Word of God.

  • Exalt the Lord of the Harvest for committed children’s workers reaching Primary School students. Bring these workers to the Lord so that the children will understand their teachings and put it into practice.

  • Thank Jesus for the on-going ministry at the Mochudi Resource Centre for the Blind. Ask God to help us to bring the Gospel in a relevant way to these precious children.

YfCB – Kgatleng District: 

  • Worship God for on-going ministry to girls in the Precious Diamonds Girls Club. Ask Him for spiritual growth for the girls and for many more to join the club.

  • Bless the Master for the boys who regularly attend the Yarona Teenage Drop In Centre on Saturdays. Pray that they will put into practice the Word that they are taught.

  • Thank the Almighty for the opportunities granted to share the Gospel with young people in Junior Secondary Schools and Molefi Senior Secondary School. Intercede for the students to implement what they hear from us.

  • Bring praises to Jesus for the good working relations in the Youth Leaders forum in Mochudi. Commit these Youth Workers unto God, asking for unity and co-operation in reaching the youth of Kgatleng District.

  • Glorify the Alpha & Omega for every outreach opportunity to remote villages. Pray that our efforts to bring the Gospel to these places will bear much fruit.


  • Thank Jesus for the open doors in Junior and Secondary schools where we are ministering to students throughout the week. Pray for more students to be drawn to Christ and for the Christian students to set good examples for their peers.

  • Revere the Pure & Holy One that we can give comfort to patients during our weekly hospital visits.  Submit everyone ministering in YfC Gaborone unto our Shepherd, asking for guidance in order for the ministry to flourish even more.

  • Appreciate Christ for the fruitful yearly Youth Prayer Walk through the streets of Gaborone. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide us in organizing this event every year and that our prayers will make a difference in the spiritual realm of the country.

  • Honour the Lord for faithful volunteers. Bring our need for more committed volunteers to serve in the school ministry, leadership training and mentoring programme unto Him.

  • Bless the Lord for the opportunity to speak into the lives of young people through 2 different camps: Youth Week in January and ROAR camp first week in December. Intercede for the safety of campers and that they will put Jesus first in their lives.

Thank you for faithfully praying with us. We appreciate your involvement very much. Through your prayers you are an effective worker in His harvest field in Botswana.

Greetings in Christ,

YfC Botswana Staff, Volunteers & Board members

‘I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.’

Paul, 1st century missionary